Monday, August 13, 2012

G&G Camp

The weekend of Tuba's birthday my Dad and Stepmom stayed with us. It's now dubbed "Grandma and Grandma Camp".'s been requested that it become a yearly event!
My Dad put up our tents and we spent the day hanging out. We walked to the beach then came home for BBQ salmon and then a bonfire.

All that fun gave us the sillies! Big time silly! We sat around the campfire making faces at one another. Good free fun! Plus....S'mores!!

And most of us were in our pj's...which isn't that unusual for us. We love our pj's!

I'm going to get you! The kids kept taking pics and then looking at themselves and then taking more.

Fun times!

We did some good snuggle time too!

Even the Grand-dog got in on the snuggling. Kali LOVES G&G!!

Cam and Tuba got to snuggle and pretend that Tuba is still little enough to hold. That lasts about 5 minutes before your legs are numb.

Then the three oldest kids slept outside in the tent with Kali. They loved it! We left the tents up for a couple of weeks and the kids would play in them and lounge around and read in them. Very fun.


  1. Now THAT's the kind of camping I could get into...isn't it wonderful that we have the magic of photographs? Great memory-makers and reminders.

  2. Now that's the kind of camping I could go for! Isn't it wonderful that we have the magic of photography - great memory makers and reminders!

  3. Such a fun weekend. Thanks for having us!



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