Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Busy

Summer time is fun time! It's only warm and sunny here in our part of the world for a very short time. So, we get out there and enjoy it!

We have been busy with so many fun things. Family time and sun time and a bit of relaxation time too....if you consider racing from one fun event to the next relaxing.

I've got lots of pics and many stories to catch up on....here goes the first of more to come.

We headed over the mountains for a weekend visit at Grandma and Grandpa's house (my Dad and step-mom). Also, got to see my sister and niece too. Bonus!

Other than the drive (WE NEED A BIGGER VAN, kids bickering (he's touching me), stopping for potty breaks every 30 minutes, and carsickness) the weekend was very fun. We got to hang out at the lake, have a family dinner and then headed to the waterslides the next day.

We spent all day sliding and enjoying the water, sun and each other. There is lots of shade and it's a very fun place to spend the day.

We all have board shirts (aka sun protection) but the "big" kids take off their board shirts so they can slide faster! Too bad they have to wear shorts! ;)

Tuba loves to slide! Mr. P was a very good big brother and took him on lots of runs. He gets Tuba all situated and then tells him when to go...since Tuba doesn't know how to read the red/green light system. A stranger even commented to Mr. P how nice he is to his brother.

Busy Guy is not into the big slides. He is happy to be on the little kid runs. Wheeeee!

There is a kiddie pool with lots of fun things to do...like squirt your family!

We had a great shady spot for our picnic and resting time. I love to get in snuggle time too.

One of us had a 3 hour nap! Yes, I was sure he must be getting sick, but nope...I guess he just needed a nap. Badly.

We had candy too! My sweet niece thinks we rock!

And here's the proof. Kissing Uncle Cam goodbye. Awwww. Sweet girl we miss you!


  1. Love that water park! It is really family friendly. And no, your life never sounds relaxing! But you have lots of fun. I'd need a 3 hour nap EVERY day if I followed you guys around. :-)

  2. My hope is to, someday, go to the indoor water slides at Great Wolf Lodge. I LOVE water slides. Am so glad you've begun re-posting. I love your pictures.



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