Friday, December 21, 2012

Birthday Madness

I celebrated my birthday....42...this month. I love my birthday! I look forward to it all year long. It's hard having a birthday in December. A very busy month! We have something planned on the calendar about every single day of the month. This year the pre-school concert fell on the night of my birthday.

We decided to go out and celebrate my big day on the previous weekend. A great way to stretch the festivities. Sunday we attended church. We chose to attend our sister parish because we had heard some rumors about our own parish. Bad rumors! A stomach flu was afflicting a few who attend our parish. To us that is the worst kind of news!!

A few years back our family was swept with the Noro virus...and we hadn't even been on a cruise ship. Horrible does not even begin to explain it. Read up. Very Bad! That bout has scared us. Any time one of us feels nauseated we all fear the worst...a flu sweeping us one by one.

So, we avoid vomit germs like the plague they are. We had a nice visit at our sister parish and felt safe from getting sick.

We went home and had a lovely afternoon sitting by a toatsy fire. We went to our favorite place for dinner. We had such a great time. It's been a very long time since we have been out for dinner. We had a coupon so we could afford a special treat out.

There was lots of celebrating, present opening and of course lots and lots of snuggling and kissing.

After dinner and dessert....the dessert was bought by the restaurant. Nice! After we left we decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights. About two minutes into looking at lights Baby George started complaining about his tummy hurting. Now...after being a mom for 16 years with 5 kids you would think I would take heed to a child saying they had a tummy ache. You'd think. But, I was giddy with birthday joy and blinded by the lights...and Christmas joy.

You can probably see where this is going. Yep. Vomiting. LOTS of the car....on his brothers....lots!

We drove home....quickly. Cam took George inside and began to shower him and get him in bed while I cleaned up the car.....while snarkily thinking happy birthday to me!

We got done with clean-up...with bowl in bed with child. And...we went to bed. We knew we were in for a long night. Exactly two minutes after being in bed Mr. P came running and yelling....with the announcement that Busy Guy was now throwing up. Uh-huh!

So out of bed and into the shower with child number two. He of course sleeps on the top bunk and had vomited in his sleep...and then climbed down the ladder while dripping vomit. Yummers! More cleaning for us.

We again went back to bed. This time we put one baby boy on our window seat and one in a sleeping bag....with bowls. Those poor boys have never been so sick. They threw up every 15-30 minutes ALL night long. Dry heaving and retching and diarrhea.

After two hours tending to the kids we decided to take shifts. Cam went downstairs to sleep while I took the first shift. Halfway through the night we traded. Man! That was a long tiring night. Poor sick boys. They spent the next day laying in bed....very ill...and not moving. No more vomiting but still very sick.
Cam called in sick...due to serious lack of sleep. We spent the day tending sick babes, washing unimaginable loads of barfy laundry and praying this germ did not spread!

This tale does not end here....oh, no. That would be too simple. More to come...

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  1. Poor, poor babies...yes, that means ADULT caretaker "babies" plus the usual group of children. Most parents have "been there-done that" and you two are no exception but having said doesn't mean that each bout of sick family ickyness isn't just horrible! Timing isn't everything but I am glad you at least got ahead of the curve with your own smiles, pictures, and dinner out.



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