Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

A mere few hours after writing that last post I was down and out with this most horrible stomach flu. I have never in my life felt so bad and threw up so much. Pretty picture...I know:) I locked myself in my room which has a half bath. After about 2 hours I was writhing on my bed after going back and forth to the...well you know...when I heard Cam in the kitchen. Yes, it had begun for him too. Great! Two parents both sick at the same time. My poor hubby was getting sick in the kitchen while trying to feed our tribe dinner. I was too sick to even get up and help him. We had the same idea...just get these babies in bed! He got pj's on the babies while dodging the restroom...or bucket in hand and put them to bed. It was at least an hour before their already early bedtime of 7:00. Oh well, what else could we do? I passed into sleep and woke at 8:00. I found Cam lying in the hallway outside the bathroom. The boys had put a blanket on him and brought him a pillow. The boys were watching a movie. I called for them to come to bed, stood in their room while they got in bed and then stumbled back to my room.

It was a horrible night's sleep but at least the vomiting had stopped. We awoke to a house of hungry kids. I thought I was feeling better until I stood up....whoosh...dizzy with a bad headache!!! I started toaster waffles for the kids and quickly had to pull out a chair to sit on. With my head laid on the counter I buttered waffles and threw them out like Frisbees. The kids started to complain about them not being cut up...I gave them a death glare and that was the end of it.

Basically we spent the day taking turns attending to the kids. There was no school due to Veteran's Day so we had a houseful. Cam put in a call to his mom early in the day. She made a drive-by and drop ( for your health) of pizza, Gatorade, and Popsicles. At least the kids wouldn't starve. They enjoyed pizza for lunch AND dinner. During nap time Cam and I crawled under the covers and slept. I think it was the longest day of my life...surely one of the longest and sickest....blech! We made it until 6:30 and when we couldn't take any more we put the kids to bed. We laid on our bed together and ate Popsicles. After sleeping all night we are better today. Able to care for our brood. Still dizzy and shaky but moving, dressed, and showered:)

The most amazing thing...dare I type that the only one (in case you weren't counting) that hasn't fallen our pint sized dynamite....Sis! I'd like to know her secret???
A few things I'm thankful for today: (I almost forgot to do this...I wonder why?)
Getting better
Not having chronic illness
Freezer waffles


  1. So sorry! We are down 3 for 4 with the kids at the moment with nasty cough/high fevers. Hoping it doesn't spread to us big people!

  2. Oh Becky Becky Becky, my heart BREAKS for you.....
    This is my biggest fear, but seeing you survived gives me hope :)
    Here's hoping for a GREAT weekend all getting their bearings back..

  3. Oh that is so awful! I am so sorry you were all so sick. That is the worst feeling.

    I had to LOL at your Death Glare. I do the same thing.

  4. I am so impressed that your kidlets were sympathetic enough, and kind enough, to cover their Papa with a blanket and bring him a pillow. And, to know when to shut up when Mama was in misery.
    You raised them well!



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