Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Face

This sweet boy is growing like a....well, like a teenager. He is also getting a peach fuzz mustache. This mom does not like it. Not one bit. I want him (and all my babies) to stay babies. :) Impossible I know.

I keep asking Cam if there is a new drug on the that will stop puberty. Seriously. I'd give it to Tuba. He could continue to grow big but still have this sweet baby face.....a face that won't need to be shaved.

Sigh......Big Sigh


  1. This is a wonderful picture...and he may have peach-fuzz, but I think he might also be like his Papa and never have a single zit. Truly beautiful skin all the way through puberty! And gorgeous eyes. And a lean, strong body. This may be a boy on the brink of manhood, but Becky, he will always be your beautiful baby.

  2. Love Gramma Sue's comment! I know your daddy still calls you his baby girl sometimes when he talks to me about you...

  3. There is peach fuzz at my house, too. How do they go from our baby boys to peach fuzz in just three days? Or so it seems...



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