Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kali Girl

Look at this pic of my dog. My sweet girl Kali. She is such a good dog. She is my girl. Kali goes everywhere with me in the car....unless it's too cold out. Then she is very sad to stay home. But, eagerly greets me when I return.

She loves to lay in my bed and anxiously awaits me going up to bed. She likes to stretch out across Cam's side of the bed and on his pillow....with her hiney. Cam is not a fan of that move. She does have to go to her kennel once I get ready to sleep.....big snoring.

She is such a good and tolerant dog to our maniac children. She has been dressed up, carted around fought over and generally bugged yet stays friendly.

She is very helpful as a dust busting vacuum. Seriously, I have not cleaned up any crumbs or spilled food since she arrived. Definitely earns her keep. I even found her outside in a workers truck cleaning all of his crumbs up.

If you are a dog lover you MUST read A Dog's Purpose. Beautiful book. I bawled my eyes out and then while telling Cam the story he got misty eyed.

Kairos Moments:

Sis woke up sleepy yesterday. She laid on my lap for 30 minutes while I tickled her back. She drifted in and out of sleep. It was so peaceful and so rare. She NEVER sits still so it's hard to get snuggles in with her.

The sun was shining today. I was sitting in the dining room coloring with the kids and the warm sun on my back was magical.

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