Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things I Love

The sun is out! It's pure heaven on earth to me. Better than chocolate. A real happy pill. 

The kids are out of school for mid-winter break today. We packed a picnic and headed to the beach. Never mind that it is a whopping 45 degrees. Where we live you have to get out there when the sun is out!

And of course kids are never cold. I wore a down coat and gloves....kids wore tshirts and I forced them to bring a sweatshirt.

Getting some sun makes me feel all warm and happy....sort of wappy. Wappy is like young love. I walk around with a smile on my face and nothing bugs me. Wappy is so relaxing. I could have laid down on a log and closed my eyes. But although I was totally wappy I still had to watch my kids.

Being wappy makes me think of all the things that I love....


The sea

The beach



Beach worn rocks

Kids eating ice cream

And kids who share french fries

Sunshine on snow capped mountains


Kids playing outside 

Rock throwing

Ferries that cause waves and shrieking kids


Log jumping 

Sail boats



Bazookas and laser blasters (aka driftwood and sticks)

A van full of happy tired sun soaked kids, mama and dog.


  1. Excellent! Thank you for posting. Brought a huyge smile to my face. I am so glad you DO things with your family...making memories.



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