Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July

Taking a look back to the 4th. I love the 4th of July!! Love love love!! Red, white and blue, sparkly, sunny, festive, fun day! And....a free event! Love those free outings.

Okay, the parade was free so I splurged and bought the kids a treat. Yummy....Strawberry Italian Sodas. Coffee for the dad and I.

We had a great time. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Keith joined us for parade watching. This was the first year that all the kids were engaged for the whole parade. Wow, these kids are getting so grown up.

Sis getting a snuggle from me. She was cold but wouldn't put on her jacket. 

She was the most thrilled with all the "goodies" handed out at the parade. She collected a lot of stuff to take home. She was in hoarder heaven!

After the parade we went to our friends' house for dinner and fun. I sat on my hiney by the fire and relaxed. So great! But...no photos by me.

 The kids played on the new zip line. Wheeeeeee! We went home early because Cam had to work the next morning. The big boys and I laid in my bed and watched fireworks out across the water. It was beautiful...and warm...and cozy...and the only way to watch fireworks. 


  1. Loved seeing the parade with your family! Used to do the Arlington Parades (and walked to them)- even though we "COULD walk down, we would have to schedule some real time to accomplish the distance!

  2. I love the fourth too! The last two years we've missed out on it (Aspen sick last year, driving driving driving this year), but eventually we will celebrate fully!



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