Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cherishing This Time

We went out for fish and chips one night recently (it's actually been a month now...I'm so behind). We had such a lovely time sitting outside enjoying the summer, the good food and each other's company.

 On the way home we stopped at a local park. It's a long stretch of grass with trees and flowers and a walk way. No playground. It was the perfect spot to run and jump and play. The park over looks the waterfront, Navy base and marina. A beautiful view.

It was fun to look up at these huge trees...the same trees that I ran underneath as a little girl. 

Hand in hand we walked the length of the park enjoying each other and the view.

And breaking off to run and be silly. Love that our sweet Tuba still gets zany and turns somersaults. 

I cherish these times when we are all together enjoying each other and our surroundings. I'm especially savoring the feeling of little hands in mine. 

It's a good life!



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