Monday, July 15, 2013

Double Digits

Wow! Summer is in full swing around here. That means BUSY time. I would like to think summer means relaxation but in reality it is a lot of go-go-go....but at least all the going is fun. You have to pack a lot of outdoor fun into summer.

It is more leisure time for the kids which is nice. Sleeping in, laying around reading for hours, no homework and no rushing. That's what I'd like to be doing too. But, alas as the mom that isn't going to happen unless I'd like our home to quickly fill with with dirt and junk and for all of us to starve.

I've fallen behind on blogging and we've had lots of birthdays, outings and holidays to post. So, I'll be catching up over the next few days.

First up (according to my photos) is Mr. P's 10th birthday! Woot!! Double digits baby!

He went with two friends to swim at the local pool and then came back home for ice cream cake. Ice cream cake is really just ice cream....Oreo base and then layers of chocolate, then strawberry and then vanilla. On the top is chocolate syrup and cherries all frozen into yummy goodness.

For his family celebration the next day he wanted to go to the sprinkler park and then have a BBQ at home. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was hot so this was perfect. We had spent the morning in church and then went out for breakfast. It was hot and we were sweaty so the water park was a nice cool off.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy. You are growing so big and maturing so much. You are a deep thinker who cares about the world and you are deeply affected by injustice done to others. You are always good to Tuba and take a leading role caring for him. I'm so impressed by your athleticism and your love of reading. I cherish your visits to my room for one more hug at night which then turn into long talks. You are a loving, handsome, strong, and smart boy.

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  1. Patrick, I agree with your mother 100 per cent. Amazing boy who will, in another ten years, become the start of an amazing man. According to your great-grampa Sartain, a person has to be an adult for ten years before you know what kind of person they are...but I believe we already know that about you. Hugs from Gramma and Grampa Pace



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