Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Garden Update

The garden was a success...a small success but nonetheless...a success. 

The chives were wonderful. The kids would eat them right out of the garden. We had them on baked potatoes for dinner too.

The carrots grew all bunched up and tangled. Lesson learned. But, the kids loved pulling them out and eating them.

The peas were awesome!! We grew 12 of them. No, not 12 vines but 12 whole peas! We stood and ate them right in the yard. Delicious!

The green beans did not grow so well. We got about 5. Hmpf! 

The corn was off to a good start but now seems stunted. Hmmmm. ??

The pumpkins also were doing really well. They took over the whole garden and climbed out of the box into the yard. But now they are not that big and some of them are rotten. Help??

The peppers we moved out of the garden and into my flower planters on the deck. They are doing well. The kids have picked them off and taste tested them several times. Some of them are spicy and some not. Finally yesterday I had enough of crying-tongue wiping kids and yelled at them to STOP eating the peppers if they do not like spicy things. Good grief!

We will do it again next year. Any suggestions for favorite beginner gardening books (not one called Gardening for Dummies, please). And any tips are welcome!!


  1. Woo hoo! We're fairly new at gardening, as well, but I may be able to call myself 'expert' at raspberries, sunflowers, tomatoes, and strawberries. :)

  2. Sometimes plants need a little help at the beginning...lots of starts in egg cartons. Sometimes plants need pruning...Like the squash. Sometimes plants need had A LOT in a smaller space...maybe tomatoes in pots on your deck? Sometimes plants need what we can't sunshine and dryness or wetness and watering only weather doesn't cooperate. You did good for the first year...and in memory...your children will think the carrots were huge and the chives beyond belief!



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