Monday, September 16, 2013


Still playing catch up. I only work in sequential order so I'll keep plugging away. Maybe I'll post back to school some time around Halloween. Ugh!

We spent a glorious week at Rockaway Beach. Our favorite beach (except Hawaii)!

The weather was kind of foggy but no rain and not too windy.

I of course took hundreds of pics. I'll share my's so hard to pick.

Walks on the beach are my favorite thing to do. The kids run around and find all kinds of things to pick up.

Lots of time on the beach playing in the sand too.

Treats out are a favorite. The kids had cocoa. This pic cracks me up.

Cam and Mr. P spent a lot of time boogie boarding. They loved it! We need to get some wet suits for the kids. This water is cold!

But, not too cold for these two to run in the waves.

I got lots of snuggle time and hand holding.

Sweet Tuba loves the ocean.

Daddy bonding time.

Love this pic of the kids. Tuba would NOT come sit on the log for my photo op. Oh well, I like it just like this.

My surfer guys.

Beach Dog.

Our only family photo that I got. It's imperfectly perfect!

This is how I spend any time not on the beach. Blankets and tea to keep me warm. Looking out at the ocean.

Sis helping keep me warm.

It was a great week! We miss the ocean already.

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  1. These are just beautiful...I love the "having fun with Dad" and the "loving to be with Mommy" that can happen on a timeless vacation. All I can do is smile and chuckle. Excellent Post!



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