Friday, September 20, 2013

1st Day!

Back to school. Oh my. I have a Kindergartener this year. Sis goes half day five days a week. She is SO excited and SO in love with school. For as wild as this girl usually is, she was very nervous and quiet. We are all wondering how long that will last. you can see Sis got glasses! Isn't she the cutest?! The first thing she said after putting them on, "Wow, MOM your head is HUGE!!". 

Mr. P is in 4th grade. What the what?? I was in 4th grade yesterday....seriously, just ask my parents.
Busy Guy is in 2nd grade. 

Tuba. Is. A. Senior. Get out of town!! Now that is crazy! How can I have a baby that old? Don't's rhetorical. He gained 15 lbs. this summer. Whoa! And...he's not chubby. So, I assume he also grew a ton. He is now 5'10" and weighs 136 lbs. 

On a side note: Mrs. Brock, this is your first kindergarten class graduating this year! Whoa!

My baby. He is in pre-K this year. He goes four mornings a week which means that Friday mornings he and I are having "dates". It's really fun. So precious. It reminds me of time I spent alone with Mr. P when he was a toddler and Tuba was in school all day. I soaking it up.

All the kids have fantastic teachers!! We are so lucky! 


  1. Luck is good. Finding the right school system is good. Changing addresses and affirming our "education needs" is good, and parents who do the best they can for their children is good. Thus, ergo, you and Cam are excellent and it was delightful to see this post.

  2. Happy post! And your yard is so pretty! You live in a pretty place. Your Fridays sound wonderful. I know you will soak up this year. You are a beautiful Mom.

  3. Wow!! They are so grown up!!! They are adorable! What a happy family!



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