Friday, September 6, 2013

My Summer

I love summer. The sunshine, the free open days, the sleeping in.

Seriously the sleeping in part is the nicest start to each day. Most days I didn't even want Cam to know how late we were all in bed. Then lounge around and eat in our pjs. Unrushed to leave the house. So nice and such a respite from the busy school year.

But, summer is also busy in it's own way. We had swimming lessons, and library visits, and beach days, camps, bike rides, piano lessons, and dental/doctor check-ups, play dates and exploring in our city. Then vacation and back to school shopping. We actually spent only a total of three days at home without leaving the house/yard. That is kind of exhausting.

Well hey, you've got to get out there and enjoy the sun and fun before it's gone. We for sure did that!

Hands down my favorite days were spent at the beach. I took the kids to a lovely beach a couple of times while Cam was at work. The beach isn't crowded so it's easy to watch the kids. 

We packed a picnic lunch in a cooler with enough snacks for a football team, life vests, chairs, sun umbrella, beach toys, towels, and US! 

I park myself in my chair under an umbrella and watch the kids play. Okay, I also dole out food and drinks faster than a short order cook/apply sunscreen/put on and take off life vests/as well as referee sibling squabbles and guide tours to the restrooms. Whew! 

Even with all the activity it was still such a fun and relaxing time. We will be back next summer for sure! 


  1. Glad to see the water guns were being put to good (ahem) use.

  2. Next year we will definitely join you at your beach! Looks lovely! :)

  3. Sounds fun!! The beach would be my favorite activity too!I wish we had one closer!



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