Saturday, February 22, 2014

High School Happenings

Tuba is having a great year! I never dreamed that his senior year would be so magical. We are so happy that he is getting to experience such fun things at school. Tuba is participating in the Leadership class this semester. He is REALLY enjoying it. The kids have embraced him and he is excited any time you ask him about the class. This week I received this email from the Leadership teacher. I've taken out Tuba's name and inserted "Tuba". :) 

I’m Shelly, Tuba's leadership teacher.  I’m emailing you to let you know what an absolute joy it is to have Tuba in leadership class.  Today was a special day for us as a class – especially for Tuba’s classmates. 

I’m going to do my best to set the scene (I wish I had recorded it so I could just send you a video of the “magic” that happened today:

One of the things that we have just started as a class is something called the “40 Day Character Dare Challenge”.  Each day I give the students a “Character Dare”.  Yesterday was our first day and the dare was “kindness”.  Students are challenged to be intentional with each dare; they can complete their dare at school, at home (both), etc.; they have to complete their dare by the next day.  Today, at the start of class we took a few minutes to share out; we went around the room and kids offered to share what they did for their “Day 1 Kindness Dare”.  Thing like: “I complimented a stranger.”  “I asked someone I don’t normally talk to how their day was going.”  Etc.

Anne prompted me ahead of time that Tuba had something he wanted to share with the class so after a few kids had shared – it was Tuba’s turn.  As soon as all eyes went on him – he got super shy (expected – and Anne was right there to help him).  However, Molly one of his classmates jumped in to help him gain his confidence.  The other students were offering words of encouragement and clapping for him.  With this, he had a huge smile on his face and quickly regained his confidence.  Once he began to play his compliments on the iPad/notebook – our hearts melted.  To hear Tuba’s thoughts about us as a class, and as individuals brought tears to our eyes.

Today was a monumental day for my leadership class.  Today, Tuba taught his classmates about character and kindness in a way that only comes organically.  When Tuba first joined leadership class – I was thrilled at the experience that being in leadership would/could bring to him.  However, bigger than that is what Tuba is bringing to the class and how his presence is developing his classmates’ leadership skills.

I can’t tell you how great it is to have Tuba as a part of the leadership program!


Wow!! I am so happy the teacher shared this with me. Tuba has taught us so much. His joy, gentleness, faith, goofy sense of humor, and love for others is inspiring. 


  1. Made me cry. Happy tears. I am so impressed with Tuba's high school experience - with the teachers and students and administration. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. This I loved ! The Valentine Day post inspired me to show my love for my family by intentional decorations and gifts. So .... We are going to have a special St Patricks Day supper! You are a wonderful Mom. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  3. This grandma cried too, Sue. I wish the teacher had recorded it too. It is so impressive the way he has been included at EHS. Tuba is a very special guy and we have all been blessed to have him in our family. He is truly a gift and your dad always calls him our angel. Thank you for sharing this Becky.



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