Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bitter Sweet

I wrote a blog post once about selling my babies' changing table. You really must read it first so you can understand what I'm talking about. Read it HERE.

Okay, so now you understand a bit about my attachment to things...things that hold dear memories for me. The changing table was hard. And then there are the baby clothes...I still get a little sweaty when I remember giving them away. I sometimes wonder if I could get them back. It's bad.

It's not a materialistic's not that I want the items but it's the memories those items bring back to me.

So, good news! The rental house sold!! Very, very, VERY good news. And yet, here I am feeling a bit sad and weepy that I can no longer walk through that house. You see, that house is special to me. Not special as a piece of real estate but the feeling the house gives me. It's like a warm hug when I walk in the door.

We moved into that house when Tuba was an only child. A lot has changed in our lives since then. We built our family in that house. I have such sweet memories of bringing each baby home to that house. Playing with toddlers in that yard. Sledding with kids down that driveway. Making countless meals in that kitchen. Snuggling my favorite people in front of the fire. Plus, dozens of holidays and celebrations under that roof.

Over the 10 years we lived there Cam and I did everything we could to make the home ours. We painted every room in the house....except the laundry room. We removed wall paper from three rooms. We replaced all the windows and the furnace. We changed all the windows coverings. We put new floors in five of the rooms. We had the cabinets refaced and the outside of the house painted We had the bathrooms tiled and updated. We purchased new appliances and changed the railing to bring it up to code. We made every piece of that house ours. The house reflected us.

It's hard to say goodbye. But, good bye house. I'll always be thankful for you. So many good memories.


  1. Yes, we the "grands" have good-to-great memories of that house, also. But we have memories of the house before THAT. And, the amazing thing, is we are accruing so many wonderful memories of the house that "is" - yet here you are, still a family. Still doing wild, wonderful, loving things. Still celebrating. Still accruing experiences that cannot be replaced. I, of all people, truly understand the sadness of saying "good-bye" yet, I have learned, life is also saying "hello". You have so many more opportunities now - with your home-of-homes that allows you freedom of time and a little more money. Good-bye. Hello.

  2. Yeah! The house is sold! I do know just what you mean about the memories! My house is brimming with memories of the love, laughter, activities, hundreds of cuddles, kisses and sword fights---it is like walking into a hug . . . and so is your wonderful new home!



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