Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's 2014

Oh how I love Valentine's Day! Love XOXO!

We of course had our annual PJ Dinner Party. But first I must start at the beginning of the day. My love for VDay began when I was in grade school. The hand decorated shoes box turned card holder is one of my fondest memories. White lace doilies, paste (we had no glue sticks in the 70's), glitter, stickers, and hand cut hearts made it just perfect! Those classroom parties were the best! 

And guess what?! I think I had five children so that I could relive those parties TO THE MAX!! So fun! I attended the Kindergarten Valentine party at 9:45. George got to be a guest at the party too. I love the Love Bug head bands the K kids made. Adorable. George is sporting a candy necklace. Posh!

The K Room Mom is Ms. Pinterest! The party was so cute with every detail the Valentine theme. Oh my goodness it was so pretty.

Fruit cups with mini umbrellas. I love those little paper umbrellas!!

On to Moses's party after a quick lunch at home. The 2nd grade class was having a fancy tea party! The boys escorted the girls to their seats. I cropped this pic of Moses so that the girl's face isn't showing.....I don't have her parents permission to post her photo. The tables were set with real china tea cups and tea pots. The children all used good manners and even did "pinky up" while drinking their tea. It was a very fun party! Oh and Sis and Liam attended this party too. What lucky kids!

Then back home it was time to get my own table decorations done. I bought each of the kids a box of Sees Candy. Each box had all the favorites. It was really fun to hand pick the candies for each box. New tradition!

I didn't take any pictures of our dinner. It was so yummy I was too busy eating it! We had gourmet burgers with Gorgonzola cheese, oven fries and veggies with dip. Dessert was chocolate pudding with whip cream....and candy.

Keeping our tradition alive we all donned our "Valentine" PJ's....any red and/or pink PJ's will do. I love this tradition! I'm thinking of adopting it for all holidays. *Cam is now smirking because Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only days of the year that I actually wear real clothes to dinner* I say be comfortable....especially if you are the cook! I know my husband doesn't believe me that I DO actually get clothes....each day. I DO!! I just really like PJ pants around the house. 

I was so happy at the end of the day when putting Sis to bed. She kept exclaiming "This is the BEST day EVER!!". And it was! Favorite holiday!

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  1. Ohhhh, so lovely! Thank you for posting and hearts-hearts-hearts to you each and all.



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