Saturday, May 10, 2014

Big Toe

Tuba had surgery on an ingrown toenail yesterday. It had gotten terribly infected. I'll spare you the photo of the big swollen infected toe.

They had to give him conscious sedation in the OR because he wasn't going to hold still for an in office procedure. i.e. The Dr. did not want to be kicked in the face.

Tuba was a real champ and charmed all of the nurses.

When he was in the recovery area he had the hiccups really bad. It was hilarious. They were really loud.

After we got home he was eager to eat! He settled on the couch for two breakfast sandwiches. He laid with his foot up for about an hour and then was up and moving around. The little stinker took all the bandages off his foot and then walked ALL over the house. I was cleaning floors and carpet for an hour! 

Now next week's EEG study will seem like nothing. It will be long and hard on Cam and I but pain free for Tuba. He can order anything to eat and he will have our undivided attention. Not bad.

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  1. I am really, really hoping for the shortest week on record!



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