Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

I got the best gift on Mother's Day....sunshine! Plus, I got to spend the day with all my loves.

The day starts out with the kids giving me all the wonderful things they made at school. God bless the teachers for taking time to make these gifts. I treasure them! I will surely miss these days when the kids are young enough to make me gifts at school. No store bought gift can replace them. I hope when my kids are older that they still make me something.....maybe dinner!

We went to church and then had breakfast out. 

We got home and got ready for a big bike ride. Cam was awesome and got all the gear and bikes ready to go. It's a lot of stuff!

I picked my favorite stretch of a local trail to ride. The country scenery is beautiful. The littlest kids are still getting their "bike" legs so a trail is the perfect place to ride.

At the half way mark we stopped for snacks and drinks. The kids were thrilled to have root beer!

I love this little stream along the trail.

The ride was 12 miles! That is a long way for the little ones to go. They did great and it was a very fun time. 

Then....dinner! Cam made burgers....my favorite!

I love being a mom. It's the hardest job but one I'm so glad I get to have. My kids teach me new things every day. It's always an adventure. 


  1. What an awesome day! You are a lucky girl for sure.

  2. Didn't know Cam cooked! We're coming over.



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