Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm almost done blogging our vacation. Are you sick of it yet? I'm not sick of it....I want to go back to it.

There are yearly outings we always do while at the coast. Cam takes the kids to the Air Museum in Tillamook. I browse the local antique/junk stores.

Our favorite is when we go to Pacific City for dinner at the Pelican Brewery. We have rituals that are important to us. Things like where we sit. There is a huge round corner table that we love. We will wait long amounts of time for it. This year we got smart and went for a late lunch early dinner. The wait was much better!!

Don't ya love Sis's expression in this photo? Ha! She was having a "moment". It's what I call the One Rule. There's always one person not happy, not going along with the plan. Oh well, at least there's not more than one at a time....usually.

We all have fish and chips and beers and root beers. Delicious!!

After dinner Cam and the kids love to go climb a huge sand dune. Last year it was wicked windy so Tuba and I sat in the van. This year we all ventured over.

The view was amazing!

The dune is SUPER steep!! I don't know if you can tell from the photos.....steep! Tuba tried to climb but it was just too tough. Finally he and I sat down about half way up. Fine with me....my belly was full.

Then one by one the kids and Cam come running down. 

Get out of this one's way!

Ta-da! And then....they do it again!!

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  1. Great photos! And yes the sand dune looks steep ...super steep! Find anything to buy at the antique stores?



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