Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First Day of School

Okay the first day of school was over a month ago. But, I'm finally done posting about vacation and now on to school!

Mr. P is in 5th grade, Moses in 3rd, Sis in 1st and George in K!! It's going to be a very fun year with all four kids at THE SAME SCHOOL!!

Tuba is back at the high school and has transitioned into job skill training. He is loving his first job. He delivers inter office mail at the school district headquarters. 

George is off to a wonderful start. He is loving K. He goes half day so then spends his afternoons with me. It's nice to have some one-on-one time together. It's also a little boring for him some days. He should probably be doing the all day class but it is expensive ($3,000) so we opted for half day for free. Free school Becky...that's the mantra Cam kept repeating. After seven years of paying for preschool it is exciting.

Sis is having a fantastic year!! She has an amazing teacher that is a perfect fit for her. Last year was a hard year for Sis. The K teacher last year was not a good fit and Sis struggled all year. This year is like a complete turn around. She is loving school and is blossoming. She won an academic achievement award last week!!

Moses is enjoying school too. It's hard to get details out of him. So far I know that he goes to lunch and recess. Seriously! So glad conferences are right around the corner.

Mr. P is thrilled to be in 5th grade....the big kids. He loves his teacher. He has signed up to be a mediator....helping younger kids solve disagreements on the playground. 

I'm excited for my time volunteering in the kids' classrooms. I truly love my time at the school.

Now that I'm practically caught up with blogging I'm at a loss for what to post next. I do want to share my new deck, my new art station, and fall inspiration. What do you want to read about. I do miss my lists of favorite things and Kairos moments. Is there an old post that you enjoyed? You pick it....I'll blog it. Leave it in the comments. 


  1. Oh, wow, this year IS off to a great start! So glad for that.

  2. I forgot to mention how lucky the schools/teachers are to have your volunteering. Truly, a good thing all around. I found out so much about teacher styles, administrative politics, kids' behaviors, and parents through my volunteering.

  3. Yeah for a good start to the school year! Also, love the deck and can't wait to see it in person. I think some of my favorite posts are the fun little stories about the kids, interesting/funny things they say and do, little tidbits of there personality, etc. You could do an interview with each kid and post it! :)



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