Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stitch Fix. Need Help!

Help!! I received a new Stitch Fix order today. You give me your much solicited opinion and I'll let you know what I end up keeping. 

1. Skinny Ankle Jeans.

2. Navy and white Polka Dot dress. 

3. Burgundy Infinity Scarf

4. Grey Cardigan

5. Mustard Blouse

Okay....GO!! Tell me what you like, and don't like. What should I keep and what should I send back?


  1. Keep 3, 4, and 5 for sure! (you can give the gray cardigan to me!) Actually, you look good in everything.


  2. OK - I like the jeans but the ‘KUT’ brand is more flattering before you keep them make sure you really like the cut! No to the dress, it looks like a housewives dress that my Grandmother would have worn 50 years ago; maybe yes to the grey sweater but only if you need one, the grey one you wore to church was a lot nicer; no to the scarf ...I personally don't like the big scarves; but yes to the Mustard blouse - it is super cute!!!

  3. I do like the jeans ...and what Sue said, you look good in everything. However, I'm still not fond of the dress.

  4. I like the grey cardigan and the skinny ankle jeans (if you have the right shoe for them). I don't like the mustard blouse because while the neckline is nice, the bottom of it looks bunchy to me (and I'm not really sold on the color). I also don't care for the infinity scarf (although I do like the color), but maybe if it wraps differently? I can't totally decide about the navy dress, I think it would depend on how it moves (if that makes sense).

    You, of course, always look lovely. :)

  5. If you don't keep the mustard blouse and the grey cardigan, I'm going to cry.
    Serious. Mustard blouse is SO CUTE. Dress it up with slacks or down with jeans.
    Same with the cardi! Add some jewelery, and it's the perfect way to class up a pair of jeans without looking too formal!



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