Monday, October 20, 2014

Closet mess and more

My confession: The hallway in front of my closet is always a mess!! It's a funny thing. I bring my clean laundry up and put it on the floor in front of my closet. Then, I neglect putting it away...and then I did through it...dump stuff on top of it. Finally, when I can't take it anymore, I clean it up.

It's an especially strange habit since I am very organized about my clothes once they are put away. I organize my shirt by color and by style. The first section is cardigan sweaters and then shirts.

Scarves at the end and then pants and then skirts by color....ooops it looks like one coral skirt is amiss. 

Dresses have their own area next to a long hanging organizer for bras, camisoles, and then folded sweaters.

At the end of my hallway I have a skinny cabinet that I put workout clothes, undies, and socks.

Once it's all put away I feel so good. It lasts for about half a week....or until I have clean laundry to put away. 

Once my closet is clean and organized I like to stand back and take a look. These pics were from summer so the colors reflect my summer wardrobe. You can see from the photos that I like coral, turquoise, green and navy a lot. I do have a smidge of purple and lots of basic black and white. And I love stripes.

I like clothes but I really don't like too many choices. I regularly purge because it's too overwhelming to decide if my closet it too full. 

This year I've added a lot of cute new items through Stitch Fix. I love it!!! I didn't post my last shipment because I was swamped getting ready for vacation. 

They sent me a coral cardigan (it was too long for my petite height), a coral leather purse (buttery soft), a pair of jeans (too tight and just like some I have), a zig zag pattern top (not my fav), and this cute navy tank.

I only kept the tank. Money was tight...although the purse was tempting. I've worn the tank several times. It's loose fitting and flows nicely. I wore it with my turquoise pants and fun orange and turquoise jewelry. It's also cute with jeans and a jacket or sweater. 

If you haven't tried Stitch should!!

So what does my closet say about me? What does your closet say about you?


  1. Your closet says you are organized, neat, tidy, and organized, and probably don't put the clean laundry away because you don't want the ‘neat, tidy, and organized closet' to get messed up. My closet says I'm a SLOB and a HOARDER and a candidate for the show ‘Hoarders’!!! I'm cleaning it out today and tossing out a ton of things I don't wear and haven’t worn in YEAR.

    1. I've seen your closet...and the show hoarders. It's not even close! That show hoarders gives me insomnia. I'll help you clean your closet.

  2. Help me clean my closet too? I have a cardigan problem. A serious one. I need help. I should be stopped.
    ...But they're so cute!!!! And functional! :-)



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