Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mr. P Update

Oh to be eleven again. What a magical age. I'm finding that I want time to slow down. Mr. P is just on the cusp of teen hood yet still very much a kid. A tween! I really like this age. Oh yes, there are little snippets of snottiness and arguments and eye rolling over wanting more independence...and flat out refusal to publicly show affection to me.

But.....there is so much to like too. I love that he wants to be independent. He is growing in maturity and takes on new responsibilities willingly. He is fun to hang out with. I really enjoy any one-on-one time I have with him. We have good conversation and laugh too. My favorite thing is at night if Cam is gone to TKD and the other kids are in bed.....Mr. P will come sit in bed with me and read. We snuggle down in the blankets and read....and chat a bit too. It's a good time to hear about his day. I find it's also a good time to remind him that he can ask me any questions he has or talk to me....about anything.

Mr. P loves little kids. Somehow this doesn't always translate to his littlest siblings....but, he does ADORE his cousins. Little kids love him too and are naturally drawn to him.

We are heading into basketball season. I LOVE to watch Mr. P play ball!! LOVE!! I might be more excited than he is about he season. I can't wait to see how much he grows his skill set (and confidence) this year. And....he is still practicing TKD too. He is working towards his second degree black belt.

Conference time was last month and I heard rave reviews about Mr. P. Academically he is doing fantastic. But, most importantly his teacher told me that he is always kind to other students. That is the best thing I could hear about any of my kids. He is also working as a mediator at recess, helping younger kids solve their problems.

Mr. P reads A LOT! I love this!! It makes my mama heart soar!! He devours huge novels in a matter of days....whole series in a matter of a month. He spent his hard earned lawn mowing money on books! Happy mom! Yes, he does love video games too....and is annoyed at me for time limits and game censoring I set. Oh well, that's my job.

I love this sweet boy. He is growing into a responsible loving guy....but not too quickly. He thankfully still spends time using his imagination....slaying Darth Vader or saving the world from zombies....I'm not sure but it's sure fun to watch. 


  1. It's safe to say I LOVE Mr. P (well, I love all your children but now we're talking about Mr. P). Love the updates and hope I can attend some of his games. Big hugs and kisses for Mr. P - XOXOXOXO

  2. There are times when the family resemblance between Mr. P and Tuba takes my breath away. Grampa Keith and I have often thought that Mr. P stepped into the role of "oldest child" naturally and with grace. You have taught him well to be responsible, curious, and kind but he also has a truly fun sense of humor. And he has the physical competence to feel strong and able in multiple circumstances. I don't want to rush things but I would love to have a peek-into-his-future. this was just a lovely post.



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