Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stitch Fix Keeper

Thanks for all the feedback on the Stitch Fix order! I really love honest opinions!

I need to actually set up my tripod and take better pics of myself in the clothes. I take a terrible selfie...and then resort to asking one of my kids to take some photos. Short kids holding the camera at an upward angle to do not produce the best effects. Eeek!

So here's what I thought about the clothes. 

1. The jeans. They were comfy and a cute style but they were too big around the waist and a bit too short in length. Bummer!! I really need new jeans and I was hoping they would work. I returned them.

2. The navy polka dot dress. It is comfy and a cute style. I don't think the photos do it justice. The negative is that I have three other navy blue dresses. I solicited a bunch of advice from my Fashion Friends and they told me great ideas for wearing the dress. Suggestions included pairing it with leggings, tights, boots, belts, jean jacket, fun jewelry and colors ranging from brown and black to red, turquoise, and hot pink. I'm going belt shopping to see what I can find. I kept the dress.

3. The Infinity Scarf. I hated it. It was HUGE and ITCHY and whoa.....HUGE. Plus I already have a burgundy infinity scarf (that's not huge). I returned it. 

4. The Grey Cardigan. I loved the style. But it too was itchy. I HATE wool and it was a combo of wool and acrylic. Also, I have three grey cardigans. Phooey. I sent it back.

5. The Mustard Blouse. I HATE the color!!! It's just not for me. Actually, the style looks good in the photo.....which is completely deceiving because the blouse is cut open all the way down to my navel and as soon as I move it flops open so far that it falls off of me. Too big...bad color. I sent it back.

I had a credit of $50.00 so the dress only cost me $18.00. Thanks to all of you that have tried Stitch Fix and gave me a referral credit!!

I'll post some pics of the dress when I complete the look.

I am loving Stitch Fix! So fun. So easy and I've liked at least one or more item from each shipment! You should try it too! Go here to Stitch Fix.

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