Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sister Update

Sister is a Mama's girl. From the moment Cam put her into my arms in the airport she has been Mama's girl. I love this photo of her laying on my lap.

I recently went away for the weekend with some friends. Sis REALLY missed me. Cam had to call me so I could talk to her on FaceTime. She was very sad and crying and wanted me to come home. 
Although it made me sad it also made me feel good that she missed me and LOVES me so much. I'm the one she also gives the most a reminder of love is good. 

Sis is having an amazing year in school! I'm so proud of her. Her conference report was fantastic. She struggles in some areas of academics but she is making great progress. She is working hard! Sis is a good friend to others. She's made several new friends this year. I love to hear her tell me all about the kids at school. She is very open to other long as they are kind (and funny) she loves them. 

Sis adores her teacher. She is kind and friendly and has amazing understanding of wiggly kids. Sis loves recess and PE where she can run and run and run! If there was a local track program she would be the star...track and the money bars. She rocks the monkey bars!

In Sept. Sis started playing soccer...which was something new. Along with a new school year she became a bit anxious and nervous. Her coping mechanism was to spend her day with her finger in her   mouth. She spent the day at school walking around with the finger in. At soccer she would run up and down the field with the finger in there. I tried to remind her to take it out....which got me a snotty reply of, "it's MYYYYY finger!". Okay.

As the weeks went by she became more at ease. She really enjoyed soccer and even scored a few goals! A couple of the goals were in the wrong net. Who cares?! Not this mom!! She was so proud. 

She has stopped going to TKD with the boys...just not really loving it. She is going to return to gymnastics soon. 

Sis is awesome at playing...mostly alone. She spends hours drawing, painting, singing, playing dolls, building blocks and did I say singing? LOUDLY!! She is very musical. She knows the words to zillions of songs. She belts out everything from 80's rock (thanks Cam) to current top 40. She's got perfect rhythm. I see choir in this girl's future.


  1. Sis has so many, many talents and it is true, she would ace track and gymnastics! Music-choir for sure! It is so wonderful that she loves her mama so much! Sis was drawing me a picture - she had three houses and three sets of stair to the front door and three people at the bottom of the stairs...The figures at the bottom of the stairs were Mom...coming home!! Ah, there you were, coming home.

  2. She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs, the beautiful and the hard, the joys of motherhood. You are a blessing.

  3. She is so beautiful!!! and Sweet!!! and busy!!! I love her!!! I'll be glad when we move closer to you so I can go to the games ...I too would have cheered for the goals (even if they were at the wrong net). I love her - please give all the kids a big hug and kiss from me. XOXOXOXO



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