Friday, November 7, 2014

Tuba Update

I'm going to write a bit about each kid and what they have been up to. I'll start with my sweet Tuba.

He transitioned this year into the job training program. Three days a week he goes on the DART bus to the CRC (Community Resource Center)...which is the school district headquarters. He delivers interoffice mail, shreds paper, puts paper into photo copy machines and wipes tables. He LOVES it!! He adores the people in the offices and the staff adores him. The rest of his time at school is spent learning and going on other community outings.

Tuba's got money to spend!! I finally got his SSI and Medicaid application done and he is all approved. We also finished his guardianship. Phew! So glad those things are done and set up for him. Tuba and I are going shopping soon for some new shoes (he loves shoes).

Tuba has a new aide working with him this year. He previous aide, Anne (the most amazing woman ever) moved to CA. We were very worried about who the district would hire but they did great. Tuba misses Anne a ton but we will go visit her this year. 

Most everything is going so well for Tuba....except the seizures are back and they have been terrible. They started out happening about once a week and now we see at least one a day. Poor guy. The Dr. has increased his meds and between that and the seizures he just doesn't feel so great. Say some prayers for him. Light some candles for his healing.

A funny Tuba story. He was on the school bus and all was quiet except for the radio playing. An advertisement came on. The ad asked, "have you been trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant?". Tuba said, "No!". Hilarious. The bus driver and his aide were dying laughing. Tuba has great timing. 

Tuba is everyone's biggest cheerleader. He goes to all the kids' activities and games and cheers for them. He listens as they play piano and tells them good job or nice! He tells me I look nice or pretty. He jumps around and hollers excitedly when Cam comes home. He listens to all of us. He doesn't miss a thing. If one of us is sad he knows and gives comfort. He is a such a sweet and tender soul. He is loved by all of us and everyone he meets. I'm so lucky to have him for my son. 


  1. I just LOVE reading your blog! As usual, this post has me laughing and crying. I'm so happy Tuba is doing well in his new program. They are so lucky to have him there! But I'm so sad to read about his seizures. Sending prayers for healing for sweet Tuba.
    Can't wait til basketball starts up again so I can see my favorite cheerleader in action again!!

  2. Yes, the world is lucky to have him here. Thank you for the update and we will all hold-fast to the "let the seizures end" hope.

  3. I LOVE Tuba!!! You're correct, he's the best. Love the updates and I will continue to pray for his healing. Big hugs and kisses for Tuba!!!! XOXOXOXO



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