Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunshine Outing

I love sunshine and I love a family outing.

We got the heck out of the house and had a fabulous time a few weekends and sun! 

Our favorite pizza place is a ferry ride away. Good thing we all love a ferry ride adventure.

Lunch out is a nice time to visit and snuggle.

Then a short walk to the beach to look at the water. 

I love this picture. Tuba's coat looks so bright with the red building on the pier. The kids all ran up and down the pier.

The view was amazing. 

I've stood in this same spot many time and it's always a beautiful view. It was a Kairos moment standing there with the sun warming me.

Several times a week....and sometimes several times a day I note a Kairos moment.

Recent Kairos Moments

I was stopped at a light and looked over to see a big dog asleep on the back of a sofa in the window. He was so cute. He looked like he fell asleep watching the world go by....or maybe waiting for his master to come back home.

At dinner the light shining on Moses's skin was so beautiful. He had put coconut oil on his skin and it was magnificent. What a beauty that boy is.

The frogs have begun to sing and croak. I love to hear them. I was sitting in the kitchen while the kids were all at school listening to the sound of a frog in my yard. 

I'll send with this pic of my sweet dog. Truly....It's a Dog's Life


  1. I love this update and miss you also much. We, of course, do have sunshine intermixed with inches and inches of snow. My Kairos moment was sitting in a warm library looking out at puffs and billows of whiteness and being so grateful for the warmth, the sitting, and the ability to walk back out into it to go the mile back "home".

  2. It is a 'Dog's Life'! Who dressed the dog in that outfit? LOL Get update.



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