Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's 2015

Oh yes I still love Valentine's Day. I love all the red, and hearts and glitter! And CANDY!! I have such a good time shopping for my Valentines. It's a tradition now that I buy each of them a box of See's Candy. I hand pick what goes into each box...all their favorites. Yes...they are spoiled!! But, good spoiled and they return the spoiling

Valentine's fell on a Saturday this year which meant school parties happened on Friday. It was nice to spread out the love. The school parties were so fun! I think I had five kids so I could continue to enjoy Valentine's Day like a kid.

Saturday the boys had Basketball games and then we got ready for out annual PJ Valentine Dinner. This year we ordered take-out from our favorite Thai place. Delicious!!

The table was set while the kids played outside. I placed the gifts next to their plates....chocolates and bubble bath....and candles for Tuba. The Dad Man got chocolates, shaving cream and soap.

Everyone groans when I pull out the tripod and camera. Too bad!! I love to get a family shot each year. Notice Kali always inserts herself. 

After dinner we had a nice big fire in the fireplace and some of the kids watched a movie. It was a fun day! 

Here's one more reason I get out the I can be in the photo. This was our first Valentine PJ Dinner 2010.


  1. I love that you have the picture-taking traditions -that include YOU. It looks like this year was another good one. Second year in a row that I wasn't in town - sigh. Thought of you each and all, though. A LOT!

  2. Beautiful! What did you get for a gift? Wonderful tradition!!!

    1. Cam bought me my fav See's chocolates and a new lipgloss!



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