Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Horse Whisperer

These are old photos from last spring break. I have been reading about kids (and adults) who are very intuitive with animals. Sis is one of those people!!

She loves all animals...except flies and spiders....but they don't they? From the time she was very little she noticed all the cats and dogs everywhere we went. She always wants to pet them talk to them. Our own cat is very mean but that has never stopped her from loving on the cat. Remember THIS? Of course Sis loves our precious dog and cuddles her, talks to her, plays with her all day long.

Horses have always been one of the animals Sis loves the most. She tells us that when she is big she is getting a truck, a camper and a horse. She is thrilled whenever we see horses and loves to interact with them. She has an upcoming horse ride that she is very excited about.

Back to spring break last year. We were out on a walk and spotted some horses along the road. Sis ran over and before I could catch up with her she was feeding the horse grass. The horse was behind a gate and was stretching his head over to reach the grass. Sis quickly snatched up the grass for him and began feeding him. No fear.

Then she ran over about 10 feet away and began picking some of the longer grass. She informed us that the horse told her he wanted that grass. It was one of those moments that give you goosebumps. The horse stood patiently and waited while she gathered grass for him.

My little horse whisperer has a true heart for animals. I can't wait to see where this special gift takes her in life.

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  1. I was never drawn to horses the way some of my best friends were -in grade school - and a few in high school as well as a couple family members and some women I work with. It does seem to be something that a few girls just are drawn to and they turn into strong, confident, and capable women. I can hardly wait to see where her love for these great animals carries her.



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