Monday, June 29, 2015


Moses is off to 4th grade. Woot!!

He had a spectacular year. I was so appreciative that his teacher took a moment to tell me this....

I was signing in at the office and she stopped to tell me, "I just want you to know that Moses is such a helpful person. We were in the middle of stapling papers and when he noticed the stapler was empty he went off on his own, found the staples, loaded the stapler and continued on".

Wow!! That is exactly the sweet, kind, helpful boy we have at home too! He is amazingly resourceful and always willing to help. I can send him down to my tool area, tell him what to get me and he quickly returns with said tool in hand and willing to help me. He knows where EVERYTHING in the house belongs...or even where it was last seen. I've decided that he can never move out.

He does not brag about himself (so I will). Several examples from this last school year. On the night of the Holiday Concert he nonchalantly tells me, "oh yah, by the way, I'm performing with the 5th graders and I also have a drum solo". What?! He hadn't said a single word to me until that point. He of course did an amazing job! Later in the year he won the bridge building contest in his classroom. At dinner he causally mentioned it. Hello?!!! I want to know these things!! He's so humble that he let his classroom partner take home the bridge they built. Phooey...but okay, very kind.

Anyway...amazing kid! Just this morning he asked if he could "PLEASE get out my window washing equipment and wash the front window inside and out. Not your typical 9 yr. old's morning routine. This pic is Moses cleaning the front of the stainless fridge and freezer. He wanted to exercise healthy caution and not breathe the 409 cleaner. Ha!

Moses also played Flag Football and Basketball. He didn't know a single person on his Flag team which had me worried but he reassured me with, "that's okay mom I'll meet new friends". Ummm....okay my child is a mentor to me.

Summer is here and Moses is excited to fine tune his swimming skills...AKA pass the final swim class and not have to take swimming lessons any more! He is also looking forward to our camping trip in a TRAILER. He can't wait to help park it, set it up and test every button, switch, latch and lever on the thing. He will be able to tell us exactly how to operate the whole thing. I am taking him along when we pick it up and get our lesson!


  1. Indeed he is an amazing young man. I remember when he was 2 and sat spellbound by the man who built the new staircase. I am so excited to see what he does with all of his skills. (also, I am sure he could hire out to do repairs and cleaning if he wanted to make a little pocket change over the summer)

  2. Yup! This is the kid I taught in second grade! Knew where EVERYTHING was, or where it was last seen. I could ask him to do ANY task, and he was on it. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy going and kind to others. A kid that goes with the flow, but is secretly in charge of the world. So proud of him, and happy he'll still be at our school for two more years! Let me know when his swimming test is; I'd love to be there for the big moment!!

  3. What an amazing young man! Can he spend the summer with me? I forget where everything is and he’d really be appreciated for all his help and skills; I’d even give him free access to all of Grandpas tools :-)
    Give Moses a big hug and kiss from me please



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