Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mother's Day / Father's Day

I haven't posted our Mother's Day photos yet so I'll combine it with a Father's Day post. I LOVE Mother's Day! My favorite thing is all the beautiful and sweet things the kids make for me at school. I cherish them!!

After a leisurely morning we headed out on a bike ride and picnic. We grabbed lunch to go and ate at the trail head. There are chickens and a crazy rooster that crows about every 2 minutes. The kids like to little park there too. I like the restroom...a real restroom and not the portapotties along the rest of the trail. 

We love this beautiful lake along the trail. We like to ride to it, get off to rest, and enjoy the view before turning around to head back. 

There is a board walk and dock and the wildlife is amazing. So many birds!

Along the trail a creek runs under a bridge and we always stop for  water break and have fun looking in the water. We saw crawdad and tadpoles! 

Unfortunately Moses had a total tire blow out! The pop was so loud I thought it was a gun shot. We made the most of the bad situation....we put Moses AND his bike into the trailer with Tuba AND Kali. Sheesh. Kind of squishy! 

After a couple of miles Moses was in pain from the bike on his lap so he opted to get out and jog. He ran the last 2-3 miles. 

Father's Day!! The sun was shining and we headed out for the same bike ride again. 

It's very peaceful on the dock watching birds flit around. There were a few row boats on the lake with kids and dads fishing. 

I adore the lily pads. 

The bike ride was uneventful! The kids rode 16 miles total...they rock!! 

We went out to dinner at a favorite pizza and calzone place. We had our rehearsal dinner at this place many years ago. Since then it had changed owners and then closed. We were thrilled that it re-opened with the original owner. The food was delicious!! AND....when I went to pay the bill I was told a gentleman had anonymously paid our bill. I was stunned....and got teary. How nice is that?!! We will be paying that kindness forward. 

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  1. So lovely I want to weep. All of it. Thank you for sharing.



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