Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I thought I'd write an end of the year recap for each kid. Lots to share!

Tuba worked all year at the school district headquarters. He worked in the offices delivering mail, shredding, putting paper into copiers, and wiping tables. He loved it...and they loved him!! It was a good fit for him because he loves the social aspect and the positive feedback from the wonderful staff. On the last day the staff had a party for Tuba and the other two students.

Lucky for all of us Tuba was able to catch an extra hour and 1/2 of sleep this year. Not having to get up so early helped his grumpy morning disposition improve. And...his new aide was wonderful!! They worked great together. He would fling open the door every morning when she arrived and yell, "TI-NA"!! Loudly! This cute pic is of Tuba and his good buddy on the bus. She is graduating the job program and Tuba is going to miss her friendship.

Tuba's seizures had their ups and downs this year but right now they are good. I see a few small 1 sec. "jerks" about once a day. I see a big seizure about every 4 or 5 weeks. Much better that the fall when we were seeing several big bad ones daily.

Tuba is stillllllll growing. He's huge! 5'10...or 11 and weighs 143 lbs. And size 12 shoe.

Summer can be long and hard for Tuba. He gets bored and is too sedentary. We have him in swimming twice a week and we are having him go for frequent walks. He tends to want to sit....I call him grumpy old man. I inquired about a trampoline for him but his neurologist said no. It's too dangerous for his VNS leads. So, I'm working on other activities to stimulate him and keep him busy and active.

Tuba is looking forward to beach days, and swimming, and bonfires....FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!


  1. I love this post on Tuba, he is such a joy!!! I pray almost daily that he will be seizures free. Maybe when I retire he can come to my house for activities like cooking ...I'll help to keep him busy. Love you!

  2. Every time I see him, he is taller! And always such a completely social guy! I am happy he liked (loved) his job this year and we will all work hard at finding ways to keep him involved and active.



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