Friday, June 26, 2015

Mr. P

What a year for Mr. P! He is finished with 5th grade, elementary school....and off to middle school in the fall. Gulp!!

The end of the year was FULL of fun activities for 5th graders. He got to spend three days away at camp. He had never been gone overnight for TWO nights in a row. We all missed him a ton but he had a fabulous time!!

The 5th grade also put on a magnificent musical called Go West. Mr. P had a lead role with LOTS to memorize. He was AMAZING!! He delivered all his lines with ease and poise. I was blown away. He never practiced at home and must have quite the gift for memorization.

Apparently the kids were suppose to be working on their costumes for weeks ahead of time. My sweet boy came to me about 25 min. before we needed to leave and asked, "so Mom, do you have any cowboy clothes?". HUH??!!!! I about died. I pulled the shirt out of a bin of Tuba's old clothes. It was too small for Mr. P so I told him to roll the sleeves up. Someone at school handed him the stick on was perfect. The hat was loaned by the music teacher.

Mr. P was a mediator...which means he was given some training in conflict resolution and then worked shifts on the playground helping younger kids work out differences. The crossing guards and mediators were treated to an all day field trip at a local pool. The next week was an all day trip to a park to play games and hang out. Wow...5th grade is pretty fun!

Then there was a ceremony to celebrate moving up to middle school. It was a bittersweet night watching the slide show of the kids as they grew up. I've known all those kids a long time. Some of them attended preschool with Mr. P. I was teary! My baby!!

Mr. P played basketball and flag football this year. He is looking forward to sports in middle school.....yeah for track!! I cannot wait!!

Speaking of middle school...Mr. P is SUPER EXCITED. He signed up for advanced placement reading/writing and math. He also chose band as his elective. He's hoping for the saxophone.

When report cards came home I couldn't have been prouder! Not only did he have wonderful grades but his teacher's comments made me smile from my heart.

Okay....I know....bragging. But, really this blog is for me and for my kids as a diary of our life. So, I'll brag if I want to. :)


  1. I love that Mr. P is getting to understand the concept of what we used to call - "well rounded" (as with both physical and mental abilities) - and thanks to his parents for encouraging that! I love the "costume" story - takes me back to when my own kidlets were in school. "Oh, Mom, I said you'd volunteer for the....(fill in the blanks) ...tonight." Wonderful diary of photos and events. Keep it up.

  2. I'm so proud of Mr. P, and so happy to have been one stepping stone in the path he's traveling. I'll NEVER forget his, "Maybe," comment when asked if he'd spoiled you on Mother's Day. Nor, will I forget the, "Who is she?" comment as he walked away, after telling Alex and him that I would miss them and hoped they'd remember me fondly. What a nice (and sassy) young man he is growing into. Good-bye, Mr. P; YOU are remembered fondly! (You may cry now, B.)

  3. Love this post on Mr. P! So proud of him! Did they give you a copy of the slide show from school? I would love to see it if they did. Give Mr. P a big hug and kiss from me please



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