Thursday, August 13, 2015

George Update

Whoa!! Summer has spiraled and gotten away from me. I can't post all of the fun summery things we've been doing until I get the baby's update done.

Better late than never. 

George had a terrific year in K. It was a tough decision for me to make but the half day program worked out great! The teacher was awesome!! was really nice to have that extra time to spend together. Sometimes we ran errands, but mostly we ate lunch and then read together in the quiet house. I will treasure those days.

Academically George did terrific!! He started off the year very ready to read but every time I encouraged him he would say, "no thanks". Ha! Finally, he just took off! He went from reading a few sight words to reading a chapter book in no time at all. I love it! 

George did love our afternoons together but he is SO ready to spend ALL day at school next year. He is most excited that he will get double the recess!!

Still plugging away at TKD...but summer attendance has been spotty with our busy vacation schedule. He is ALL about soccer and very looking forward to the fall season. And he's become a very good swimmer! He says he wants to do swim team in the future.

And...this kid asks A LOT of questions!! I'm not kidding you. By the end of the day I have to tell him that the "Question Window" is closed. He is very curious about the body and recently asked how babies are made...yes, we told him. He asks Cam a ton of medical questions and also a lot of war history questions. Like I said...SO ready to spend ALL day at school.

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  1. George is growing up! So cool that he wants to do swim team in the future. I love him and wish I lived closer to you and your family. XOXOXOXO



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