Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mr. P is 12!

One more year until he's a teenager! I'm going to enjoy this last year of the Tweens. My baby!!

Mr. P's birthday was celebrated in two parts. He had a party with a few friends...they went swimming and then had pizza at our house. It was a slumber party so the boys naturally stayed up REALLY late playing video games. It was really a fun time....and easy! 12 year old boys don't require much...outdoor space and food and they are good!

Then on the actual birthday we had some family fun. The day started with B-day breakfast pancakes....and coffee. 

That night it was off for a fancy dinner at our favorite place. It's always a love fest and a great time to take pics. 

Cheers around the table!

Makin' a wish.

Then after dinner we were off to the park to walk and enjoy the weather. Ummm....the birthday boy is  definitely showing his pre-teen self. 

A great opportunity for a family selfie!

Happy Birthday Mr. P! You are a delight to us and we can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you.


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Mr. P.! You are an amazing kid, and I know many wonderful things are coming your way! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and then rule Middle School!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. P!!! May God grant him many years! Such a handsome young man!!! Can't believe he's 12!



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