Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

Pumpkin carving started off the Halloween spirit.
We got thrifty this year and bought our pumpkins at the local grocery store. Can someone explain to me why the store sells pumpkins for $3.00 each but the farm where they are grown sells the same size for about three times the price?! 

Cam helps the kids carve after they draw on the faces. We tried a new method on a couple of the pumpkins and cut off the bottom instead of the top. That way you lift the pumpkin, light the candle and put the pumpkin back down. 

Sis got Rocket involved too.

The finished product! 

And then...Halloween came in two stages. First, we celebrated at school on a Friday. 
Party, party, party!! 

George and Moses both dressed up as Army guys. They were very excited when Cam got out all of his real Army stuff.

I was the Queen. 

On Saturday we headed out to a Halloween party...but first some face painting.

Sis was a mermaid and she picked out this great wig to go with it. She loves it but she was shy to wear it out to the party. I think it's pinktastic!!

The littlest two.

And my scary older two.

Oh...much better. Not so scary now. Such cuties.


  1. The traditions you are establishing with your kids...they will last a couple of lifetimes: their's and their own children's. Love the finished products (jack-o--lanterns & costumes) and love the process of getting there.

  2. Love the pumpkins and costumes! and love the Halloween fun! Where did Sis get the 'Wild At Heart' T-Shirt? It's perfect.



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