Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Unexpected

There are many things in life that are unexpected. Some of them are hardships and some of them are thankfully gifts.

I didn't know that when I had kids I'd meet so many wonderful families and make so many friends. It's been a true blessing.

I have lots of groups of friends...I really like people! There are family (which most of them are my friends too), my close girlfriends, church friends, couple friends, childhood friends, neighbors....and the awesome school community, sports community friends. And of course lots of overlap of all those groups.

Several school families we first met when our kids were in preschool. It's been fun to watch the group of kids grow together.

There were several years that the only adult interaction I had on a daily basis was chatting with the other parents at drop off and pick up. I'm telling saved me!!! Now I get out more but I still love seeing all the friendly faces each day....and chatting. And the teachers! So many of them I now call friend. 

Then there are the sports parents. Love them! I look forward to each season so I can chat and catch up with those groups of friends. Plus, the carpooling is a life saver!

I am blessed by so many terrific families and their friendships.

Kairos Moments - Haven't blogged that for too long!

1. Driving in the van to church and looking at the swollen river full of debris about to breech the bank. There was beauty in the swirling waters.

2. At church the priest's wife was standing next to her sister who was visiting for the day. The hugged and embraced with arms around each other. The love was palpable.

3. Feeling Sis's warm hand in mine on the way to the car after school.

4. Sunshine on the fall trees.

5. George's smiling face after scoring a goal in soccer. The pouring rain running down his shining face.


  1. And we are so BLESSED to have you in our life!!! I love you!!!



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