Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Faves

This is mostly how I feel about Christmas. The hoopla goes on for weeks and it's all a bit too much for me. I like the calm after the storm. My favorite part of Christmas is when it's over. Yep. I love it when the house is cleaned and the kids are still out of school and we can just hang out and enjoy the quiet....well, as quiet as my house ever gets. 

The above photo was my very bad cold coupled with my very bad hair. I was so sick that I forgot I had a hair appointment. Very bad. And now I'm stuck with dark roots and ugly hair until the end of January. Eeeeee-gads!

Some of my favorite things about Christmas...yes, there are some things I love. I adore the lights. I love both indoor and outdoor lights. Tuba LOVES the lights and was thrilled getting off the school bus each day as I strung lights in the yard. I love the crackly fire and candles lit along with our beautiful tree. I love the tree too. Putting it up and taking it down....not my favorite. 

Christmas books. We have a big basket of books that we love to read at night. 

Cam and I had a Christmas shopping date. I LOVED that. He was on crutches so we couldn't do too much but we were able to go out for a fun dinner and then finish up our shopping. All shopping should start with dinner and drinks!

I also had a nice shopping date with this cutie. He bought for his siblings and Cam and I this year since he's now at the middle school and they don't have the Holiday Store. He was only a little impatient when I'd stop to look at things. We had a nice treat time too! And he did a great job picking gifts for everyone! He had a $10 limit per person and he found nice things to buy. 

Lots of time off school means lots of time to stay home and snuggle. I love that.

Lots of time to hang out and be silly. The kids were putting out their stockings on Christmas Eve and found the mustache stickers from last year still in the stockings. Oh fun!

Other things I love about Christmas....

My homemade almond brittle
Watching the kids open their presents
Saying Merry Christmas
Driving around looking at lights on houses
Watching Elf with my kids
Christmas dishes, I didn't use mine this year and I miss them

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  1. I love everything Christmas; the tree, lights, kids, gifts, cooking, food, Church, family, and your almond brittle! What I don't love so much is the traffic and crowded shopping malls so this year I bought all the gifts on line, it was wonderful!!!



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