Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Highlights

So my last post was a bit Bah Humbug and a little Grinchy sounding. We did have some great times over Christmas. 

The Highlights:

Cam came home from work one night and told me about a young gal that was in his ICU. She has a terrible disease and two young children. She had spent a lot of time in the hospital and was back again and most likely going to miss being home for Christmas. He had asked the gal if it would be okay for Cam and I to buy her kids some Christmas gifts. She humbly gave him the go ahead. We planned to buy the kids a few toys and some Christmas treats and help make a hard situation a little nicer.

Then while laying in bed with insomnia Cam felt that God was once again speaking to him and placing this young mom on his mind. He got out of bed and wrote a Facebook post asking if anyone wanted to help contribute to this family. 

The response was amazing. It was humbling. And it made our Christmas dreams come true. 

Over the next week we began to receive checks in the mail. And gift cards. And friends began to stop by our house with cash...and gifts....and food. I'm talking lots of friends! And lots of money! And so much LOVE!! 

Cam arranged for us to deliver the items to the hospital so the woman could share in the joy of what her girls would receive. But, a wonderful thing happened and she was released from the hospital in time to spend Christmas at home. 

We instead were able to deliver the items to her home. Cam was on crutches and the apartment was on the third floor so I was the elf...climbing up and down with loads of things. It was AWESOME!! 

We delivered oodles of wrapped gifts for two small girls and gifts for a the mom. We brought a cozy blanket and a basket full of holiday treats, and a box of food. AND...we delivered a gift card tree with cards for Target, Subway, McDonalds, Visa, ToysRUs, and Fred Meyer. Get this!!!!! Totalling over $1,050.00. 

It was so much fun to deliver the items!! I think they were shocked. They were so happy and they were so, so thankful. 

Cam and I shed a few tears after getting back into our van. 

We are so thankful for all we have and truly thankful for our friends and family who gave so freely to help someone else have a Merry Christmas. The magic of Christmas is alive and well! 


  1. A true Christmas celebration. Enabled by two angels.

  2. What a wonderful thing you and Cam did! I'm very proud of you both.



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