Monday, January 11, 2016

Sister is 8!

Sis turned 8 at the end of the year. Oh. My!! 8!!

Cam had to work her actual birthday so we opted to celebrate a day early. She wanted to go jump at the trampoline place. She was soooooo excited. We had cousins staying with us so they got to come along too. We drove into an empty parking lot and I had a sinking feeling. Ugh! The place had gone out of business but had not taken down their website.

Oh...was she mad...and sad. We salvaged the afternoon with lunch out at a favorite restaurant. She quickly turned happy again and planned a day of building forts with her cousins and siblings.

Sis picked out cupcakes and ice cream at the store for dessert. Okay...I had major guilt over this. I always make the kids a cake but with her birthday being so close to Christmas I was SO tired and overwhelmed so I opted for the store bought. I know she was fine and it's only cake but I still feel bad.

I made up for it a bit the next day (her actual birthday) and made her crepes topped with strawberries and whip cream AND hash browns (her favorite) for dinner. Oh yum!!

She had gotten an American Girl doll for Christmas and for her birthday she got the horse and camper. Oh has she been having fun!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sis and may God grant you many years! I love you Sis, you're a beautiful girl sweet and fun! XOXOXOXO



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