Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year

I love the New Year! Actually I always think of "years" beginning and ending with the flow of the school year but I love the traditional New Year too. 

Christmas is gone, the decorations are put away, and lots of extra cleaning has taken place. I always like the house a bit empty after all the sparkle, clutter and pizzaz of the holidays. I leave the mantle mostly empty and I clear any decor off the window sills. It gives me such peace! A fresh start.

George brought this home after the first day back to school. I just love it and had to share. 

George's answers: I love his phonetic spelling...but I will translate for you here. :)

I want to learn: How to build a robot (love this)

I want to go: To New York (me too buddy, me too)

I want to do more: Reading (Yes!! The mama/teacher in me loves this answer)

I want to read: Wabite (apparently there is a cartoon called Wabbit and he wants to see if there is also a book)

I want to improve: I'm helpful (he's a good helper already but it's a nice goal)

I want to imagine: The poor is satisfied (oh, my heart just swelled with love and pride)

I want to try: Eating a snail (ummmm.....ewww, but points for bravery)

I want to change: McDonald's (love it...we don't eat there and we talk a lot about how the "food" they serve is not real food and why it's not healthy)

I want to: Read for 17 minutes (good goal buddy, actually you already read about 3 times that each day though)

In the new year I am going to: Hunt (ha! some laughs too...I think he is actually serious but not sure who is going to help him out with that)

I loved this New Year's goal setting so here's my answers too.

I want to learn: To make sticky buns

I want to go: On lots of hikes

I want to do more: Sewing

I want to read: Martin Marten

I want to improve: My core strength

I want to imagine: That my wild puppy will calm down

I want to try: Ballroom dance lessons

I want to change: My reaction to my pre-teen's teen-agey snarky behavior. Uh-huh

I want to: Say out loud more of the compliments I'm thinking in my head

In the new year I am going to: Send more cards


  1. Just great how even your "little guy" is now turning into a big guy! And I will take him to eat snails...appetizer with bread and garlic sauce...not the kind we find in the garden. ;) (wink, wink)

  2. I love George's New Year’s goals! He just warms my heart, so sweet!!! I love your goals too. Won’t bore you with my goals …mostly I want to retire!!! And spend more time with family. :-)

  3. This is inspiring. What a sweet heart your son has, and such deep thoughts for a little guy. I would like to send more letters and walk more - I think it is interesting how you and I have some things in common. Mommy On. You are doing a fabulous job.



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