Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy Guy

Busy Guy...is still Busy! He loves pre-school (goes one day a week) and each day asks if it's his day. He's looking forward to next year when he gets to go two days a week.

Busy Guy is interested in all things mechanical, loves tools and LOVES his big brother Mr. P. They spend the day playing together...superheroes!

Each morning he greets his baby brother and sister with "Good Morning Sunshine". So sweet and happy! He is a good helper and often gets one of the babies a toy when they are fussing. He also wants to help me cook. His favorite is to mix up pancakes or cookies.

Busy Guy has been doing a good job of staying in his bed all night....once he's asleep. This kid required less sleep than the others. He's the last to fall asleep and the first one up each day. I have to limit his nap or bedtime is a big problem....but no nap isn't so good either. He gets a sticker in the morning if he stayed in bed....he loves it.

Busy Guy is dying to play team sports. He does get to start swim lessons this month and he's really excited about it. It's so fun to have a kid that is such a "go-getter". He is NOT shy and loves to try new things. I think he's going to be a natural athlete.


  1. Mr. Busy Guy has so many talents. Besides the ones you mentioned he has such a potential for music! I am hoping he also has his mom's potential for Math! He is such a bright guy, I am sure that school will be included in his "favorite things" category. I am so happy he has a family that will appreciate his many abilities and that will encourage them. Kissy-kiss to Busy-Guy.

  2. This is such a happy post :) It warms my heart to read about the adopted children who are so loved and so eager to learn. Keep up the great work with your beautiful family.



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