Friday, May 19, 2017

Moses Catch Up

Moses is in his last year of elementary school. It's going fast with a jam packed end of the year. Upcoming overnight camp, musical, and bridging ceremony. 

It's all soccer for this kid. He played two sessions of indoor and is currently trying out for a select team. He's really good and he loves it! 

Moses and Mr. P are good friends and spend a lot of time hanging out together. Lately they sit and listen to music together. 

This kid loves cool sunglasses and hip hair. He is always dressed well in his finest sporty clothes.

He's famous for pulling these goofy faces. 

He won an award at school for "cooperation". Truly he is a very cooperative young man. It was nice to see him recognized for this quality. 


  1. Yes, he is talented and smart and kind and athletic and nice to be around. Watching him grow has been such a pleasure.

  2. Moses does indeed have style!!! Looking forward to watching some of his soccer games. Please let us know when it's a good time to go.



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