Monday, May 22, 2017

More of Moses

More Moses coming up. He celebrated his 11th birthday! 

For his party he invited 5 buddies over and I took them to a trampoline park to bounce and play. Riding in the van with these boys was so fun. Their conversations crack me up! Rousing renditions of "would you rather". 

At home they dined on pizza and cake and had a video game sleep over. 

Magical 11!

Our family celebrated with dinner out. It was a nice evening of chatting and sharing with one another  me looking at my family while they all stared at giant TV screens. I HATE TV in restaurants. Actually I HATE TV....and especially in a restaurant.

After dinner we had a nice 5 minute walk at the park. It was brisk so everyone ran for the van. 

Moses saved up years of Amazon gift cards and bought an electric drum set. He loves it! He's taking lessons and no surprise his teacher says he's a natural. 

Happy Birthday sweet 11 Moses. You are bright and tenacious and kind and helpful. Did I mention helpful?! Really, you are my go to person any time I need help finding something, fixing something, or figuring something out. I appreciate you! You are organized and always ready to go on time. You are well loved by your teacher and your coaches. And of course by all of us. You are the perfect middle to our family. And....congratulations on making the select soccer team!!! You rock! Can't wait to watch you GO!! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Moses!!! Wishing you many years!!! Love the pictures of his party fun. And I too HATE TVs in restaurants annoying.



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