Friday, May 5, 2017

Sis Catch Up

Sis played two sessions of indoor soccer and is now having a break from organized sports. She is looking forward to swimming in the summer. Lest you think she sits idle I'll tell you that she spends ALL her waking minutes at home cartwheeling and back bending around the house. She has been practicing how to do a backbend and then kick her feet back over to standing. She's getting really good! It's on my list to check out gymnastic class times for her.

This pic cracks me up! After her dental check up this is what she chose from the prize box. Ha!! 

Sis plays AG dolls all day (while cartwheeling). She adores her dolls. She watches youtube videos and makes her dolls all kinds of fun things like little cell phones, mini bags of cotton candy and furniture. 

And she gives her dolls green beards for St. Patrick's Day. 

Sis loves her daddy. 

And the beach! We love to visit our favorite island and look for hidden rocks. We always find some. We've now painted a bunch to take and hide for others to find. 

Sis has worked REALLY hard in school this year. She has made big gains in math and won an award today for it. You receive a golden pencil and get a scholar award certificate. Yeah for her! 

Other than dolls and gymnastics her other fave past time is singing....loudly...and longly. She sings it all from 80's rock to contemporary pop. By the end of the day we are all ready for her to sleep. :)


  1. Love Sis’s energy, really LOVE. She has the most beautiful eyes ever!!! Good for her getting the math award, think I'll send her a little gift in the mail for doing so well.



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