Friday, May 5, 2017

Weigh In

Okay friends! It's been two weeks of Weight Watchers. AND I've been working out like a MANIAC!!

My weight is down 6 lbs.!!! Yeah!! My fat pants feel better but unfortunately my skinny pants still do not fit. Ugh!! I get very impatient. Like on day 3 of WW I started freaking out that I wasn't losing any weight...that my pants didn't fit....that I couldn't rock a bikini. I know, irrational. Cam talked me down from the ledge.

I'm feeling good now. It takes at least a week for my body to adjust and detox sugar for the mad cravings to subside. Instead of thinking about cupcakes every 2 seconds I now only think about them about 2 times an hour. Sigh.

Okay, so one of my kids asked me if I can run. Before I could answer Cam says, "yes she can but she just doesn't". Well I'll be......


So, I pondered that for a bit. And then I got busy cranking up my cardio. It's not running....cause I hate running and it does hurt my knee.....CAM! But I've been doing these workout my SIL told me about call I do a 30-40 minute HIIT workout which is High Intensity Interval Training. Whoosh! Can you say sweat?! I've also done some of the ab workouts. Oofda!

Even Cam is impressed with my workouts. That says A LOT. He's even afraid I'll get injured. Actually my knee is hurting so I'm doing some of the low impact workouts. They are amazingly hard even without jumping around.

In all I'm feeling good and on my way to being fit. I've got a whole closet of fun clothes that will fit me soon. Bonus! A new (old) wardrobe!!

Just in case you didn't read it on FB. I sent Cam that pic of myself telling him that I just kicked my own hiney. Except I didn't have on my reading glasses (too steamy) and I had actually typed that I just licked my own hiney!! Dying!! Humor is getting me through. Lots more hiney licking kicking to come!!


  1. LOL Heiny-girl. And you are so strong and determined. Whatever goal you will reach it.

  2. You're awesome! I'm very impressed. I love to run, but sadly have 0 cartilage in my left knee. I'm curious about your low impact workouts. My Dr says that I should bike, but I think biking is boring. I'm open to suggestions!

  3. Awesome!! I do HIIT also. You are smart to modify for your careful and have fun! I don't work out to lose weight but to be fit and strong and feel good. I'm impressed by your determination and I love how Cam supports you!!

  4. Good for you!!! Love how you can follow WW's hard for me so I just do low carb (no bread, rice, sugar, etc).

    Love you!!!



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