Friday, November 9, 2007

Bunk Beds!

The big boys got bunk beds yesterday. They are very excited. Baby Guy is trying to figure out how to climb up to the top. So far he can't do it but I know it won't be long. Baby Guy will be joining the big boy room when little sister comes home. I'm shopping Craigslist for a toddler bed.

Snuggling on Tuba's bunk.

These pictures were taken by Mr. 4 yr. old....I was on the phone and when he asked if he could take a picture I just handed him my camera so he would be quiet. Then I went out of the room and 30 minutes later I remembered that he had my camera!!! Yikes, he took 30 some pictures. Not bad...he already takes a better picture than his dad:) He was up on the top bunk shooting photos of his brothers.

Smile Tuba!

Oh, and he took photos of the stars and planets above his bunk that he put up yesterday.


  1. My two little girls have a bunk bed in their room, which is attached (the room not the bunk bed) to Baby T's. He has become both a proficient and sneaky Spiderman, scaling the ladder of the bunk beds in record time and then getting just out of arms reach so I have to haul my over-bunkbed-proportioned self on top to get him! I think your laddersless set-up looks very appealing...Your big boys wouldn't want to swap for a cute white set with pink bedding? ;-)


  2. Jane,
    That is cracking me up...but not so funny because I know it's coming soon for me. At first I wasn't sure about no ladder but now am very glad:)



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