Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Marble Jar

I invented the marble jar as a way to reward and encourage "acts of kindness" between the boys. If I see or hear one of them doing something nice or saying something especially nice to each other then I give the child a marble to put into the jar. Once the marbles are filled to the top of the "Ball" on the jar then we go on a special outing. This time we will be going to the Children's Museum. It's also a great way for me to focus on the postive behavior. Some days feel like endless time outs and this gets me looking for the good things they are doing. Today Mr. 4 yr. old got a marble for hugging and comforting Baby Guy. It was a hoot because Baby Guy was bawling after getting a time out for whacking Mr. 4 yr. old. At least nobody holds a grudge!


  1. Love this idea... I used to do this in my classroom.

  2. Hysterical laughter over here. I know that kind of parenting logic...all-too-well...




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