Thursday, March 6, 2008

Busy Guy has been using his potty chair every day...multiple times a day! He loves the chair and pats it and repeats, "potty, potty seat" over and over. He hasn't done the "big job" in the potty yet...but maybe soon. He has been going so often that I thought we'd try some big boy undies. He is thrilled with them. He wore these for about 4 hours and had good success. Nothing like Shrek, Nemo and fire trucks to get the motivation going!


  1. I am just so completely impressed with Baby Guy. His buddy, Baby T, has managed to go potty standing near the potty seat and in the bathtub! But ALL of my kids have been closer to 3 when they potty-trained. So much for the nature v. nurture argument there!

    God Bless,

  2. I am so jealous. Our little Minnow would wear the same diaper (wet/dirty--he doesn't care) all day and into the next day. I don't think he will be so fast to take to the potty seat. I'm going to start putting it out and see if we can't get him interested.

    Any new pics of the little girl?--Welcome bag photos? Etc. Email me if you have any or any updates. I know I won't hear anything for a while--so I am living through you.



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